May 2017
For 19 Years, I've Been A Cop. Today, I'm Clean from Opioids and I'm Done Hiding. - #VoicesProject
My name is Steve. I’ve been a police officer for 19 years and a narcotics detective for the past 10 years. My job like many of you know is high risk, high stress. I worked undercover making drug buys, utilizing informants and conducting raids on residences. Early on in my career, I was involved in...
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I Used To Live In The Shadows. Today I'm A Free Man Living In Long-Term Recovery. - #VoicesProject
I am a person in long-term recovery. What that means for me is that I have not used any type of mood altering substance in over eight years. Recovery has allowed me to become a positive and contributing member of my family and community and to serve my state and our country in a variety...
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Yesterday I Celebrated 9 Years Sober. Living Was Something I Never Dreamed Of. - #VoicesProject
When I got clean and sober there was something that came along with completing 12 steps and living a life in recovery. Like a prize at the end of the game or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They told me I would get “a life beyond my wildest dreams.” I...
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I’m the Chesterfield County Sheriff And I’m Done Talking About Drug Addiction. It’s Time To Act. - #VoicesProject
Every 15 minutes, someone in the United States dies of a drug overdose. Our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers are being lost at a record rate. What are we actually doing about it? I run a large jail and I saw the need to move beyond talk to action last March....
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From Soldier to Sober Veteran, I’ve Dedicated My Life To Serving Others. - #VoicesProject
My name is Ryan Grose and I was born into this disease. Substance abuse runs in my family. My grandfather died of it, and my father lives with it as well. As anyone who’s a child of an addict knows, it can really affect you. For me, my family’s issues with addiction affected my self...
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When I Survived Cancer, Friends and Family Ran to Help Me. Why Is Addiction Any Different? - #VoicesProject
Who am I? A woman. An activist, believer in women’s empowerment, Jamerican. Progressive. I’m also a two-time breast cancer survivor. That last one is the most important to me. I want people to know me as a survivor. The road from discovery to recovery for me was not easy, but I’m proud to say that...
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