September 2017
I Accepted What I Could Change & Then Changed Everything I Could To Get Sober
“Life on life’s terms.” I use to mock that quote, I hated hearing it. “I made my own decisions”. I’d never been more wrong! I thought recovery would be easy, “you just get clean”. Well that was the easy part. Staying that way was the tough part, it was a struggle. A daily struggle.. Changing...
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I Got Sober, But Recovery Didn't Dry Out My Sense of Humor.
In June of 2010 I was supposed to judge a children’s talent competition at the State Fair in Kentucky. The winner would be the child lead in our theatre’s company’s production of A CHRISTMAS STORY. The only problem was that the night before I blacked out while driving home and drove head first into a...
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Addiction Was Messy. After Prison, I Learned to Love and Accept My Sober Self.
Before drugs I was involved in every sport. I was active, free spirited, and an A+ honors student. I used drugs because I was bored and it was a way to escape. I didn’t want to feel. I escaped ALL feelings; good and bad. A vicious cycle of a nasty disease. I craved that drug,...
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Cake? No Thanks. I Have 22 Years Today, But I'm Not Celebrating Until We Get Real Change.
Today I have been in recovery from alcoholism for 22 years. In years past, loved ones have sent me cards or friends served me a cake they had made.  But I’ll pass on the cake because I’m simply too pissed off and disgusted that there is still so much unnecessary suffering from this disease that...
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I'm Willing to Do Anything to Stay On My Sober Journey.
Something nice happened this evening. As I was watching my daughter drift off to sleep, trying to shake off the stale feelings inside of me that sometimes happen, my mind started to replay all of the wonders that have happened in my life, all the things that carried me to where I am today. I...
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I'm Open About My Recovery Because I Know It Helps Others Find a Way Out.
After approximately 15 years of drinking and drugging, which landed me in trouble, in hospitals and closed many doors, I finally had enough and entered detox and a 28 day inpatient program. Not wanting to stop using but knowing all my problems stemmed from using, left me in a position where I would periodically relapse....
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In Dayton, Ohio, We Know Action is the Key to Change. We Raise Our Voices for Recovery.
Another Annual FOA Rally under our belt and I can honestly say, “what a perfect day”! As a person in long-term recovery for over 11 years, praying is something I rely on to get me by. Every year I pray for a perfect day. “Perfect” is a matter of perspective. People think I mean a...
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I Let Go of Perfectionism and Learned to Live On Life's Terms
Throughout my childhood, I never really had big dreams. I knew I wanted to be an athlete in high school, go to a good college, get married and eventually have kids. I was always organized and had a plan, but there were never any details involved. I figured if I could just hit these big...
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