After Jail, I Gave Recovery Another Try. And Today, I’m 18 Months Sober.

Four and a half years ago after ending up in jail for the last time I decided to give recovery another try. After spending eleven years stuck in a cycle of sex trafficking, prostitution, addiction, and homelessness I had finally felt like my life was at rock bottom. I was completely hopeless and empty. They say the addictions only lead to a few certain things, jails, institutions and death. Well I had certainly made it there, with two prison terms, numerous overdoses, many rehab programs and many more jail terms.

The last treatment program I went into saved my life. They taught me how to deal with the root issue of my addiction which was my childhood trauma, sexual abuse. After I was able to release that pain and forgive my offenders, I realized I didn’t need to cover my feelings with drugs.

Most of all I realized that God had a purpose and a plan for my life. He had been pursuing me for those entire 11 years. He pulled me out of the pit and made me promises. Those promises have been coming true and will continue to as long as I continue to include Him in all of my plans.

Today I have 4 1/2 years clean because after losing everything I found out that I have everything to gain. I keep what I have and stay clean every day by helping others. Ever since I got clean I developed a deep passion to help others. This I believe is the recovering addicts purpose in life. To share our stories of recovery in order to give others that extra ounce of hope they need to get through their day.

I share my story with those willing to listen, but most of all I listen more than I share. I’m working on my degree so that I’m more capable of helping people. I get to work alongside of recovering addicts everyday and share my recovery with them. I couldn’t think of a more perfect job. I’m so excited to see where this recovery journey leads me next!