A Second Chance Saved My Life And Gave Me Purpose

My addiction started when I was in my teenage years. I had low self-esteem and people picked on me. I turned to drugs to fit in with the crowd. I did drugs for most of my life.

The last few years, I turned to crack cocaine which took everything from me that I had. DSS even got involved. I went to rehab twice. Before I went to the rehab the second time, DSS had told me that I would have to leave my own home. That was my breaking point.

I love my son very much and he was the only child I had left in the house. I had two other children but they were grown already. This time when I went to rehab I decided to do what they suggested. I changed everything because I didn’t want to get high again. I was in meetings every day and even when there wasn’t a meeting, I was there cleaning.

I decided to chase my recovery the same way I chased my drugs. I even decided to get my GED. Which helped me get a better job. Today I am a nursing aide and I have started my own business.  All of this thanks to God.

If it wasn’t for Him in the beginning, I wouldn’t have stayed clean. I lived in the house where people still used drugs. But I decided that I had a choice and my choice was to stay clean no matter what. I have a routine today which includes meditation books, devotional books, and praying to God in the beginning of my day. Doing this helps keep my solid foundation.

I recently celebrated 10 years. December 4, 2007 is my recovery date. I try to encourage others that they to can do it. I hope to be an encouragement to someone. I choose not to let my past to hold me back, instead I choose to take each day as it is – good or bad. Using drugs again is the last thing on my mind.

I thank God that he gave me a second chance.