American Fix

Nearly every American knows someone who has been affected by the opioid crisis.

Addiction is a trans-partisan issue that impacts individuals from every walk of life. Millions of Americans, tired of watching their loved ones die while politicians ignore this issue. Where is the solution? Where is the hope? Where’s the outrage?

Ryan Hampton is a young man who has made addiction and recovery reform his life’s mission. Through his work with multiple non-profit and social impact organizations, Hampton has been rocketed to the center of America’s rising recovery movement―quickly emerging as the de facto leader of the national conversation on addiction. He understands firsthand how easy it is to develop a dependency on opioids, and how destructive it can quickly become. Now, he is waging a permanent campaign to change our way of thinking about and addressing addiction in this country.

In American Fix, Hampton describes his personal struggle with addiction, outlines the challenges that the recovery movement currently faces, and offers a concrete, comprehensive plan of action towards making America’s addiction crisis a thing of the past.


  • I’m proud that Ryan found help and is now helping others.

    President Bill Clinton
  • Will make you rethink everything you know about addiction.

    Van Jones, Author and CNN Host
  • Shows how we can help more people make it out of addiction.

    Brandon Novak, Professional Skateboarder and Person in Recovery from Opioids
  • A gripping, necessary story. Incredible, a clarion call for our generation.

    Anna David, Bestselling Author and Person in Long Term Recovery


Ryan Hampton is a national addiction recovery advocate and person in sustained recovery. He has worked with multiple nonprofits across the country and served in a staff capacity for various political campaigns. A former White House staffer, Hampton is in recovery from ten years of active opioid use. He is a leading voice in America’s recovery movement. His interviews have appeared on NPR and HLN, and in the New York TimesWashington Post, Forbes, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, and others. American Fix is his first book.


Claire Rudy Foster is the author of the short story collection I’ve Never Done This Before.  She has contributed essays on queer issues, recovery, and reading at The Washington PostCatapultLuna Luna Magazine, and other outlets. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Claire’s fiction can be found in McSweeney’sThe RumpusQueenMobs, and other journals. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and lives in Portland, Oregon.