Taylor LaChance shares her experience getting sober

April 4, 2015: The Hardest, Most Beautiful Day Of My Entire Life

April 4, 2015. The absolute hardest, but most beautiful day of my entire life. The day I got clean and sober. How the hell did that happen? Well, it all happened so fast. I always thought I wasn’t an alcoholic because I wasn’t your everyday drinker. I would drink here and there, but my motto […]

Sue Kruczek talks about life after the death of her son Nick.

Life After Losing My Son Nick

When you lose a child everything changes. You become very forgetful and walk around in a constant fog. There is no name for a parent who lost a child. Not widowed. Not orphaned. The magnitude of the pain is too large. As parents are not supposed to outlive their children. Every aspect of our life […]

Tiffani Carrasco shares about being pregnant as a woman in sustained recovery from addiction.

I’m 8 Months Pregnant & Will Give Birth As A Woman In Recovery

My name is Tiffani and I’m a grateful woman in sustained recovery from addiction. Growing up people always ask that one big question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Many kids answer “an astronaut”, a “movie star” or other endless possibilities. My will to do and become something more was the […]

Alexis Hade opens up honestly about the recovery journey of her brother

I Love Someone In Recovery, My Big Brother

My brother Garrett and I grew up in a “nice” family. We were taught about having good morals and values, about the “golden rule” and that family was the most important thing. We looked like the perfect family from the outside, but on the inside we were very dysfunctional. My parents sheltered me, or tried […]

Herb Stepherson shares how a judge sentenced him to recovery, not jail.

My Judge Sentenced Me To Recovery, Not Jail

My Name is Herb. And I’m a person in long-term recovery from addiction. The first time I used, it was alcohol and I was right around fifteen years old. I had no idea what was in store for me when I took my first drink. Addiction is a progressive disease, and mine was no different; […]