At 8 Years Sober, I’m Still Helping Others

At 8 Years Sober I'm Still Helping Others

My name is Keenan Morgan and I’m from Chicago Il.

I’m the youngest of 6 and the only one who suffered from drug addiction. I came from an abusive family but found basketball as a outlet and a way of blocking things out. After(4) years of high school basketball, I received a scholarship to a Jr. college in Trinidad, Colorado where things didn’t go as planned. So I returned back to Chicago. Back to the neighborhood and old friends.

I had many of jobs but none that I liked. I began experimenting with marijuana and alcohol and selling cocaine using it socially at first then it started becoming a everyday habit. I loved the streets and the fast life. Slowly giving up hopes of becoming an NBA player.

My drug use and dealing caused conflict with my family. I had lost my brother to the street life and I was quickly following the same path. My lifestyle had consisted of money, women, drugs, fast food restaurants, and fame which abruptly came to a end after being arrested in 2009 for manufacturing and delivery of drugs to a police officer.

Before being sentenced to (7) years in prison, I made a decision to change my life for the better and begin my journey to a clean and sober living. One year after being released, I became a recovery coach helping others who have a desire to change. Now I am a well-known face in the community fighting the war against drug addiction.

I’ve started a support group for families and loved ones of children with addiction plus offer one one counseling. Today, I have been sober for (8) years and taking steps to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor, and formed my own organization called “Keenan‘s corner” geared to help the community and the recovering addict. I’m asked to be a guest speaker at several communities functions and fundraisers telling my story so now I’m telling it to you….