On Halloween, I Met Heroin. 13 Years Later, I Found a Solution and Got Sober for Good.

They told me I would never get my kids back!

I was 36 years old, mom of 3 and on Halloween my boyfriend of 2 years asked me if I wanted to try something. I said sure I was then introduced to a feeling I never even knew existed – peace, happiness, excitement and love! Heroin I stuck in my vein!

Within 3 months I was addicted to heroin, crack and methadone! I lost everything!! I called my parents said I need help they gave me a one way ticket to NY and said see you in a year! The lawyers said if you go you will NEVER get your kids back, NEVER!!

I knew I had to go. I was going to kill myself if I stayed in Richmond Va without my kids anyways!

I remember sitting on a bridge. I had 3 options – kill myself (the pain of not having my kids was worse than anything I had ever felt in my life), go back to Richmond to try once again to get my kids back, or I heard “Be Still Know I am GOD!”

13 years later I am SO GLAD I LISTENED TO “Be Still Know I am God”

God never said how long but I knew that I had to trust him!!

18 months later after graduating Walter Hoving Home and then going to run the Youth challenge I went to court….TEMPORARY judge said FULL CUSTODY TO MOM!!


I look back at that 18 months without my kids not even being able to see them and realized I was building my foundation so that I never had to put them through that again!

I have NEVER turned back! 13 years later my youngest is 19 at Penn State my other two are with me doing amazing!

But God…….
the picture of me with the kids is the first time I saw them in 18 months!! Best day of my life!!!