A Hidden Addiction Killed My Boy

Our son Adam kept his addiction to himself, calling it a “hobby’.

When the pills “ran out of road”, he turned to fentanyl and died after using it twice. No heroin in between the two, that would have made him “an addict”, in his mind. The reality was that he was exactly that…but pills didn’t have the same implication as heroin, to him.

He hid his habit from his friends (except a few), never admitted his addiction, thought he could beat it on his own, and died with a suboxone packet in his pocket. One. You don’t get high on one suboxone… he was fighting withdrawal. Thus, fentanyl. This underscores the power of the opioid family… that you have one weak night and cross the line involving opioids… and there is no tomorrow. Not breathing is a pretty big deal. So, in the end, Adam represents the power of addiction… and the power of opioids.

Sorry I don’t have a recovery story with a happy ending, but it can be a positive one in that it speaks to the strength, determination, and courage of those in successful recovery. You are the strongest people on earth. You don’t get up every day and worry about what color your nails are, or you don’t fret over where your next vacation is going to be… you celebrate every day and live each day one at a time, accepting the blessing you have around you everyday. Thank you for doing what you are doing… you are an inspiration to those on the edge… and a way to prevent another Adam.

From all of those that have an empty chair at the table for the rest of their life, we appreciate and admire your strength. You are hope for all.