I Lost My Son To An Accidental Heroin Overdose. Today, I Am His Voice.

Hello, this is my story about my son Torin who was a Heroin addict, I say was not because he is a success story but because he lost his battle with Heroin.

Torin was the typical Southern California kid. Born and raised in Orange County, to middle class parents. Torin started sports when he was 5 and continued organized sports until he was 14. Torin loved to snowboard, skateboard, MotorSports, water sports, surfing, fishing, sky diving, he tried everything.

The beginning of his addiction started with injuries due to his extreme sports enthusiasm. Broken arm 2 times, lacerated ankle which required 27 stitches, lacerated chin twice, broken shoulder requiring surgery and all the prescription drugs that came with it. Torin’s story is not much different than any other kid who played sports and had injuries.

Like most heroin addicts, it all started with the over prescribing of the opiates and then when the prescription is finished, they’re already hooked by then requiring the addict to go on the street and purchase the pills. And then the pills become too expensive so they turn to heroin.

I am my sons voice now. I will never give up the fight against doctors and their over prescribing turning our children into heroin addicts. I will always fight the fight against heroin – because I am my sons voice and he deserves to be heard.