From Jail And An Overdose To A Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams In Recovery

My name is Rebecca Zwicker and I am a woman in long term recovery.

At the age of 24 I had a successful job, a home owner, a mother of 2 beautiful children and was going through a divorce. Shortly after I was in a car accident and found myself being prescribed my first opiate addiction, which at the time I didn’t know I would have become addicted to heroin.

Twelve years later, after being in and out of the criminal justice systems, incarcerations, numerous detox’s and residential programs, losing custody of my children, my car and became homeless. I found myself in a very dark, desperate, lonely place. I woke up one day in ICU after a non-fatal overdose with 8 broken ribs (from CPR).

I’d like to say that I came into recovery at that moment, I didn’t. Before the hospital could even say I was medically cleared to leave, I was already plotting on how and where I could get another bag of heroin. I wanted help at that moment but didn’t know how to ask for it. I was homeless and knew I was going back to what I was used to. I thought this is how my life will always be, hopeless and lost having a choice in my life.

Before making the best decision of my life, I went back to the streets and ended up in jail again. The judge that detained me, saved my life. I now work with him and he was my biggest cheerleader in early recovery. Judge would tell me “The first year was for you, now every day after is for me”. Since that day I have been in recovery. I went from the streets to an office seat.

I am dedicated to helping others just like me. I didn’t believe there was a way out. Now I do, I’m living proof along with many others in the recovery community that recovery works. Every voice matters! I now have a career (which I love), I’m a loving mother to my kids and I love life! I am a woman and mother of respect, honor, dignity and integrity. My life has changed tremendously and the impossible has become possible.

I’ve learned through this process the sky is the limit and I am living the dream. Every day I live by this, faith in my recovery, hope for my future, and love myself and many others. If there is one thing I could tell someone who is struggling, give yourself a chance, you are worth it. Recovery Rocks!!