I Love My Program Of Recovery And The Life It Has Built For Me

My name is Lauren and I’m an alcoholic whose been sober since June 18, 2010.

Growing up, I always felt nervous and uncomfortable and not because I wasn’t loved, I know I was. I just always felt the need to escape. I took my first drink the night I graduated from high school and right out the gate i was a black out drunk, and I loved it. In the beginning, my consequences were mostly having my parents yelling at me but nothing more then that. As the years went on, things gradually started to get worse: car crashes, inpatient stays, reckless decisions on my part that would effect me emotionally down the road.

I found my way into AA when I was 20, got a sponsor, did my first step (not rigorously) and eventually relapsed. At that point, things were far beyond my control and I was broken but not ready to change. In 2008, I was arrested and charged with a DUI and required to enter an outpatient program for 14 weeks as a stipulation of my plea deal. This program required me to attend AA and in June 2010 I started my journey in this program once again, but this time with the mindset of working the program as it’s laid out.

Life has been good to me in recovery, I definitely hit many bumps but none that the program, my higher power, the steps and the people in my network have not been able to carry me through. In 2016, I sat beside my mother as she took her last breaths and in that moment, the drink was the farthest thing from my mind. Instead, I used my feelings to push my life forward to pursue a life long dream of mine: starting a career in the medical field and I am ridiculously happy with that decision.

I love this program and the life it has built for me. I know I shouldn’t be here today but I’m so grateful that AA was there. I love you all. Thank you!