My Relationship With God Helps Me Handle Whatever Life Throws At Me

After a career in the consumer products industry, a lifetime of drinking and drugging caught up with me. I was dismissed from that job six months short of being able to retire. 8 months later an incident with a neighbor and the police convinced me it was time to get sober.

My thinking at the time was I would do the rehab and 12 step deal until the heat dies down then I would go back to my regular routine. That all changed in rehab when my first wife informed me she wanted a divorce regardless of what I did when I left rehab!

In the ten years since then I’ve suffered major financial losses, a girlfriend went back out and dies; I’ve lost a parent, but at no time during those trials did drinking or using cross my mind as a suitable alternative to facing the issues at hand.

Today I am the director of a Peer Recovery Center and will soon be a fully licensed professional Counselor.

My life is certainly not perfect today but if anyone had told me 10 years ago I would be where I am now I would have told them they were crazy!

In addition, I have a relationship with my son, I have remarried, but most importantly I have a relationship with God today which is the most important relationship I have!