My Victory Over Heroin

My Victory Over Heroin - #VoicesProject

Hi my name is Kayla Whitehead.

I can say I have found victory over heroin addiction! My addiction with opiates started when I was 13 and spiraled out of control when I picked up the needle at 15.

I went to rehab after rehab and cycled through many jails here in Oregon but on February 13, 2013, I finally got clean through my last incarceration. I spent 6 months in county jail and had enough and committed myself to my recovery.

On November 4 2014, I gave birth to my son Layne. He weighed 1.13 ounces and is truly my miracle child. Addiction has affected not only me but my son. At 6 months old, we lost his father to an overdose leaving me devastated and now a single mom.

Today I serve my community. I became a certified recovery mentor and sponsor women and serve an awesome God. I am no longer the face of addiction but the face of recovery!

I was once homeless – now I have a home. I get to wake up to my son and be whom God intended me to be and share my story with others in hope that it saves someone else.

Recovery is possible!