The Opioids Lost, And Recovery Won!

My story…. I’ve had a few spinal surgeries and when the pills ended is where my story really starts. I went through the nasty withdrawals and found myself on the other side. Until I started smoking pot to help my pain (physically and emotionally) You see I’ve been through a pretty crappy life… my father was/is an alcoholic. My mother battles with severe depression and anxiety, more so now as my childhood home burned to the ground last year. It was tough… they lost everything… so naturally they changed. I don’t speak to or see my mother really ever. That’s do to my 44 year old addict sister living there. I’ve been raped twice, one of those times I was beaten and stabbed. That really messed me up,I went to go to treatment but it was pointless. So, I did the ONE thing I said I would NEVER do… I picked up a needle( with who I thought was my friend) Since that day I couldn’t Stop. I lied to my friends and family, I stole money from people ,I pawned my grandmother’s wedding ring that she left me when she died(29 years ago)and did anything else I can do just to get money for heroin…I just ran with it I guess…. I told myself ONE time and that “first” one time I was gone for days… up for days just trying to find money to get more. Heroin grabbed my soul and had no intention of letting me go until I was in a body bag. I’ve OD once..and that still wasn’t a wake up call! A few weeks after I overdosed… Make daughter told me she was pregnant, I was so excited to be a grandma but I was so messed up I couldn’t be a grandma. Then she found out at her 12 week visit that my grandson was going to have down syndrome and a major heart defect, that’s when I said to myself I have to be here for my daughter and for my grandson and I went that night to treatment. It was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life. But I knew that I had to do it for my daughter and my grandson that they needed me more than heroin needed me. Fast forward to May 15, 2018, I have been clean from every evil drug especially heroin for one year!!! I am so incredibly proud of myself, I’m not gonna say there are days I don’t think about it are there are days I don’t want to do it because there are. I just work through it and the night go to bed and wake up and it’s one more day sober. I’m connected to many groups that help support me positively, and of course my grandson who is now nine months old who is my heart. I’ve been connected to many groups that help support me positively, and my precious family who has forgiven me. So heroin YOU LOST, I WON!