‘Pain Management’ Led Me To Heroin

Pain Management Led Me To Heroin

To start off my name is Rebecca but most people call me Becca.

I am 27 years old and am a mother of 2 beautiful little boys. My story starts out 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with a brain deformity called chiari malformation of the brain type one. It caused a lot of headaches and pain in my extremities.

First it started out with pain management but that just wasn’t enough. I tried smoking weed and that didn’t help. It was then that a “friend” of mine introduced me to heroin. I instantly fell in love. At the time, I only had my oldest son Malachi and the demon stopped the pain long enough to function and care for him.

It wasn’t until I got tired of it that I reached out for help. I reached out because I was spending over $600 dollars in one day for my high and I knew if I didn’t stop – I would die. I didn’t go to a rehab center, instead I went to meetings where I met my real friends.

By this time, I had my youngest Micah. My friends staged an intervention and I’m forever grateful that they did. Since then, my life has improved and I’m the mom I want to be, the daughter I’ve always wanted to be, and the sister I wanted be.

Now I help my family who also suffers from addiction. And I help family members who just don’t understand what it’s like to suffer from addiction.

It’s similar to Russian roulette only with a needle, pills, and pipes.

I will have 2 years sober on September 27th. I¬†wouldn’t have made it this far without the help of my real friends, my family, and my higher power. I hope whomever is reading this and is suffering from addiction gets help or reaches out because it is worth it.