Recovery Helped Me See That My Story Isn’t Over. The Best Is Yet To Come.

Recovery Helped Me See That My Story Isn't Over. The Best Is Yet To Come.

Hello world, My name is Jessica Hall and i am a young person in longer term recovery from substance use disorder. I have not found an excuse or reason to pick up and substance since Aug. 3rd, 2014!

For me this is a miracle because I didn’t think I was going to live to see 21 years old. Once turning 21 reality set in and I found recovery, so I’m grateful to be in long term recovery at 24! Growing up both of my parents were addicts and I was raised by grandparents but they still loved me just the same. But if I’m being honest something wasn’t right.

A part of me was missing the entire time. Lets just say I could get away with almost anything and not have any consequences. You see my twin brother died the day we were born and everyone was trying to find a way to grieve and raise me also. So I could go on and on about the not so great cards I was dealt at a very young age and all of the physical and sexual traumas I endured at a young age but what recovery has taught me is that I am not alone and that so many other have been to the same depth as myself.

What I am here to tell you is who I have become TODAY! Today I am 24 years old with over 3 years in active recovery and I am a daughter! I am present in my parents life even if the path they are on are not the same as mine. Both of my parents still struggle with their addictions but I am a voce of hope and and image of attraction to recovery for them both. To my grandparents I strive every day to just simply make them proud.

In my first year of recovery my grandmother suffered a stroke an my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. I have had the honor of walking them both through every moment of his and her recovery as well. Scared does not cover the emotions I felt of being so powerless over the outcome but through courage and faith here we are years later and still fighting.

As for me and what I do today…I am the Director of Judicial Programs for The McShin Foundation. What that means for me is that I get to impact women and men every day and see each of them through every step of his or her own journey as well. Words can not describe the beauty I have found in watching that light click in their eyes on the day they realize they are finally free. Getting to watch mothers become mommies again and watch the color come back to a mans face when he finally lifts his head from the grips of addiction. The feeling you get when someones mother holds you in her arms as she thanks you for finally giving her a good nights sleep bc she knows her daughter is safe for the first time in years, yeah thats who I get to be today.

My story is far from over and the best is yet to come. In my future I see expanding my education and following my dreams in Criminal Justice Systems. So how does a scared little girl like me become a strong beautiful woman? I couldn’t tell you, but if you take my hand i will show you the way.