I’m 17 Months In Recovery Today And That’s A Miracle

Hello everyone! I am Victoria and my friends call me Tori. I am a grateful recovering addict.

Right now, I am 17 month clean and it is a miracle! I drank heavily for 26 years and wanted to die with a drink in my hand. I would call myself a closet drinker because I did everything in my power to hide it. That only worked for so long. …. The day my granddaughter asked, “Is there yuckies in your cup Grandma?”

This is the day I realized Enough is Enough! I gave my 18 year old my stash to trash and asked her to find me a bed. And she worked hard for about 24 hours. Off to rehab for the first time at 47 years old. After 25 successful and grueling days, I did it! I quit!

Went to IOP right away and had a recovery specialist visit once a week and was determined to stay clean. My 3 kids are so happy to have a full time mommy now and so are my 2 granddaughters, who all live with, just me. My kids were my motivation and my God made it possible. I hope I Never go back to that horrible lifestyle.

I believe recovery works if and when you Reallllllllly Want it! I wanted it so bad and now that I have it I am at peace with life. Inner peace is so important and amazing to have. Thanks for taking the time to care to read this and love to you all. If you are struggling with addiction, get help, reach out, surrender. You will be so relieved and happy! Peace, Tori Lee