Ryan’s Episode on the Great Battlefield Podcast with Nathaniel G. Pearlman

The Great Battlefield is a podcast about how the resistance is mobilizing. Nathaniel G. Pearlman interviews the progressive political entrepreneurs who are leading the battle against Trump.

Resistance Dashboard is a visual advocacy platform that serves to bring focus to the fights ahead. It seeks to become a comprehensive clearinghouse for information about which policies and institutions are under what degree of attack. We aim to bring together in one well-designed dashboard the leading organizations and entrepreneurs in the fight, along with the many new technological tools, calls to action, suggestions for donations, and events that are taking place through this surge in political innovation. Our platform aims to help those who want to resist find ways to be more informed and more effective.

Through The Great Battlefield, a regularly posted podcast, we highlight and amplify the entrepreneurial nature of the driving forces behind the political battle is being fought right now. We see political entrepreneurs as people who were so affected by a political event, in this case the election of Trump, that they felt compelled to found a new political organization, or engineer an innovative political technology, or write an impassioned blog or book or article or act like a political venture capitalist and decide what political organizations are most effective and need human and financial capital.

The Great Battlefield amplifies the groups we are highlighting on the dashboard. The podcast it is an opportunity for people to learn from the people who excited about democracy and are leading through political entrepreneurship in different forms.

Listen to Ryan’s podcast episode from June 26, 2020, Ending Addiction and Inspiring Recovery with Ryan Hampton–Episode 477.