I Sacrificed Everything in Active Addiction. Today, I’m Restored and Helping Others Get Sober.

I Sacrificed Everything in Active Addiction. Today, I'm Restored and Helping Others Get Sober.

My name is Laura and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict.

My sobriety date is 11/5/2015. I grew up in and out of foster homes. I come from a family of addicts. I got pregnant at the age of 16 and married. After my child was born, I discovered the taste and feeling of alcohol. It was mostly a weekend fun thing at that time.

After a couple of years, my husband and I separated and I soon found my next future ex husband. We actually met at a bar. I soon became pregnant with my second child. After she was born, I drank every single day and soon discovered pain killers. I had my third child and quickly became completely addicted to pain pills. I had to have ’em just to get out of bed, and many more just to make it through the day. That was just to stay well.

There wasn’t enough around to even get me high anymore, so then I found meth. My addiction soon took my marriage. It had already taken me. Soon afterwards, my husband took my two little girls. I sent my son to live with his daddy. I had officially lost everything that I had ever wanted. I walked away with nothing but an addiction. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

For the next 8 years, I lived from one place to another. Many nights I didn’t know if I would even have a place to lay my head, and many nights I didn’t.

Today, I am eighteen and a half months sober. I have my own place to live, and I am assistant manager at my job, and even more importantly, I have God. I am so grateful for my life today. God’s Grace is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. To see where I was, to where I am now, that’s God’s grace!

I am fighting for my rights today as a mother of my two little girls that I haven’t seen since the day they left. And I am trying to reach out to my son. Cleaning up the wreckage of my past is not easy, but I know our God is a God of restoration. And he will restore me piece by piece.

Today I am full of joy, peace, and an AMAZING FAITH! I am grateful for my struggles because it has made me who I am today.

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