My Son Was Killed By A Lethal Dose of Methadone in Rehab.

My name is Lee Ann McDaniel.

My son Daniel was an addict. As some know, there is so much helplessness, frustration, heartbreak, and pain caused for the family and the person suffering.

Finally, after several years of trying to get help, Daniel made the decision to go into a 90-day inpatient program. I was so relieved and thought that this was going to be the best thing to ever happen to him and our family. I was so proud of him.

Daniel checked-in on December 19, 2014. On December 21, 2014 – he was dead. A lethal dose of methadone was given to him during detox. He was killed in a South Florida rehab center three days after checking in.

Daniel had a 2-year old son that he loved so very much. He was a great dad. His son was his life. He wanted to get well, not only for himself but for his son also. In my heart, I really thought this might be the time he finally grabs ahold of recovery.

Yes, I know addiction is so tricky. What I am angry about is my son never got the chance to find recovery. We trusted people who should have known what they were doing.

Daniel was a 25 year old beautiful & caring young man. Today is his Birthday. Happy Birthday son. Mom loves & misses you so much!