I Will No Longer Be Silent. It’s Now My Mission To Share My Story To Save Lives.

I want to share a story here, not to bring light upon myself, but to something that I have struggled with for many years. These are my words, not something that I copied and pasted. I hope that this will bring awareness and hope for who ever reads this:

I joined a group on Facebook today that consists of people that have some sort of addiction. I am an alcoholic and began my second journey of battling this disease 34 days ago. My first journey began about the same time last year. I had become a high functioning alcoholic and I knew that I needed to get this under control and eliminated from my life. I started attending AA and thought I had “it” under control and even made a statement once saying, “I got this”. I did not understand the meaning nor the concept of what Alcoholism is or consisted of, I just thought I was a guy with a high tolerance and needed help to control and stop drinking all together.

Well, little did I know that I suffer from the disease of Alcoholism. A very Powerful, Baffling and Cunning Disease. I have spent the last 30 days in Out Patient Rehab and now have the knowledge and education of what Alcoholism is, and the effects and control it can have on me if I continue to use alcohol. I am thankful and Blessed beyond means that I have figured this out, I can now have order restored back in my life.

I used to think my story was not so tragic, but I now realize, that all of our stories, who suffer from some sort of addiction, has left a tragic trail behind us, hurting not only ourself but those close to us and especially those that we love.

I hope that in the days, months and years to come, I can share my story with others and raise awareness to addiction and Alcoholism to others, so that they can seek help before they too, will have to look back and see the tragic story/path that they may leave behind before seeking help.

Knowledge, Information and Education is only as powerful as you use and apply it to your daily life. My Platform is small now, but I hope that it grows each day, as I grow and improve each day.

If you have read this, thank you for taking the time. I hope that those of you who think you may have an addiction that you will reach out and seek help. And for those of you who may know someone that may suffer, be a friend, and let them see what others are seeing. One who has an addiction does not see what others see, and sometimes sees their addiction when it has become to late

I wish and hope for all to have a Happy and Blessed Day….