Denying Addiction Plays Russian Roulette With Families of Sufferers, Too. - #VoicesProject
22 million people live with substance use disorder. 45 million people are impacted by addiction. I am 1 of the 45 million people affected by this disease. The disease of addiction is no one’s fault, but everyone’s problem. Alcoholism was declared a disease in 1956. 61 years later, some still need to be convinced of...
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The Hurricane of Addiction Nearly Destroyed My Family. I Lived To Tell the Tale. - #VoicesProject
My mom was not a perfect person. She may have lacked judgment, may have made poor choices. She may have done things, and said things, that were not right, influenced by the pills she ate and the madness that she developed over time. My mom hurt her children over the years. Caused pain to her...
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