My Son's Doctor Killed Him With a Prescription. Now, She's Serving 30 Years for Murder
At sixteen, Jarrod broke his collarbone and the nurse gave him Vicodin. He liked it… After the loss of my 19 year old son to an accidental prescription drug overdose, I found out where his friends were getting the opiates Jarrod was hooked on. The first words out of my mouth were, “where is the...
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Although Addiction Brought Me To My Knees, Recovery Helped Me Fall Up to a Better Life - #VoicesProject
My name is Terria Jean Walters, I am 44 years old. I live in Alaska and have since 1977 when my parents brought me here during the pipeline. I grew up in a home that was full of addiction, alcoholism and physical and sexual abuse. I had gotten high with my parents starting at the...
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One Bad Night Stole My Beautiful Jenny Rose. Heroin Poisoned Our Family. - #VoicesProject
I’m the mother of Jenny Rose. A young, beautiful girl who lost her life to heroin overdose. Jenny Rose’s addiction effected our relationship as a mother and daughter. It effected my marriage with countless arguments and sleepless nights. We, as parents, have now fallen victim to heroin. It took the life of our only child....
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Three Weeks After My Wedding, I Lost The Love of My Life - #VoicesProject
My son, Carlos Castellanos, died at age 23 from a drug overdose, just three weeks after walking me down the aisle at my wedding. On that day, he was happy, healthy and loving life. He had a job and was expected to get a promotion the following month, loved his girlfriend dearly, and was planning...
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Tell Us About Andrew - by Margie Borth, #VoicesProject
Andrew Was More Than Just An Addict How do we remember someone as special as Andrew? 99 percent of the time, the first thing people mention, is his incredible intellect. From the very beginning, Andrew was extremely bright. He was accepted into the Gifted Program in first grade. He always excelled in school and graduated...
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The phone call no parent wants to receive
The phone call that no parent wants to receive came on November 10, 2016 at approximately 8:15 AM, the day that forever changed our lives. If we knew more, questioned more, educated ourselves, the outcome could possibly be different. Tori made decent grades during her first year (2012-2013) at Virginia Wesleyan College, nothing to write home...
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