Three Years on the Road of Happy Destiny

Hello world! Wow! Eternally grateful to even have the ability to tell all of you my story!!

The last two decades of my life have been nothing short of a mess and a struggle that almost took my life. I am here today to tell you since January 23, 2015, I haven’t found it necessary to pick up any mind altering substance. I know longer have to crawl on hell’s doorstep.

Through the bottomless pit I was engulfed in I lost my family, I was unemployable, had no morals or values, and sadly I had lost the choice on wether to live or die. Everyday I woke up and the decision was already made for me against any self will. Life had become a death sentence and constant impending doom raced through my mind. Jails and institutions I had been to, and there was one last option for me before my family and friends had to look at me in a casket.

A solution for living was what I found. An outline for a life beyond my wildest dreams if I could only follow simple steps. My life couldn’t get any worse so I got up everyday and applied those simple suggestions to my life.

Today I am beyond blessed! If you would have told me 3 years ago my life would be what it is today I would have told you you were absolutely crazy. I don’t have to quiet my mind today it’s at peace. The obsession has been removed and today I choose life!! I walk hand in hand with others like me and we trudge the road of happy destiny together!

Recovery is possible! We are worth living a life worth while!! I love you all!