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The first step to a productive conversation around addiction starts with listening. Listening builds understanding and compassion, uniting families, friends, and loved ones affected by this illness.



During last night's #DemDebate the candidates were finally asked about the #opioidepidemic. Unfortunately, the responses focused on jailing pharma execs & decriminalizing drugs, not solving the crisis. (Source: @NYTimes @ShaneGoldmacher @reidepstein (1/5)

We’re glad that @CNN and @nytimes dedicated a portion of tonight’s #DemDebate to asking the candidates what they would do to take on the #opioidcrisis. Let’s not let tonight’s discussion end here—learn how you can get involved at #FightForRecovery


Together we'll Apply to Lead Who we are. The Recovery Advocacy Project (RAP) is a network of people and organizations ac...

Okay. Here we go again into the #DemDebate. I sure hope #addiction and #recovery get some airtime. Voters deserve to know where the candidates stand. @cnn @nytimes @JoeBiden @PeteButtigieg @senwarren @kamalaharris @berniesanders

2020 candidates are getting ready to take the stage in Ohio, but we want to hear from you: what #mentalhealth and #addiction questions are you hoping will be asked in tonight's #DemDebate? 🎤

Unless prevention and treatment programs get an infusion of funds, people will keep using opioids and new patients will keep getting addicted, Myers said. And if settlement funds aren’t spent to address the epidemic, he added, “it lets the wrongdoers off the hook.” #opioidcrisis

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”Those on the front lines of the addiction epidemic are already looking beyond the courtroom to the massive settlement they expect will ultimate...

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Forthcoming from economists Deaton Case: Truth. “The opioid epidemic did not happen in other countries because they had not destroyed their working class, and because their pharmaceutical companies are better controlled and their governments less easily influenced corporations.”


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