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The first step to a productive conversation around addiction starts with listening. Listening builds understanding and compassion, uniting families, friends, and loved ones affected by this illness.



Superheroes aren’t always in a mask and cape like Batman. @BenAffleck is more than a hero today. We knew you could do it, Ben. Now keep it going! CONGRATS ON 1 YEAR SOBER!

Today I asked Granite Staters to raise their hands if they or someone they know have been touched by our nation's mental health care and addiction crisis. I saw a room full of hands. We can no longer wait to act—that's why I just released a plan to meet this urgent crisis.

We're in the midst of a devastating opioid epidemic that is harming communities across the country. In a few moments, I'll be speaking live from Manchester, NH to unveil my new plan to tackle the crisis head on and reduce deaths of despair by 1 million.

Thank you @PeteButtigieg for giving me a dose of hope today. It’s more than an #opioid crisis, it’s an #addiction crisis. Community peer supports saved my life. Housing & access to care saved my life. Finally, I feel like someone is listening.

America’s addiction and mental health care crisis has been building for decades—due to decades of neglect by political leaders in Washington. Today, I’m proposing a new approach that tackles this crisis with the urgency and care it deserves.

Congrats to @Devin_Reaves. Celebrating 12 YEARS TODAY in recovery. “Thanks to God, my family, hard work and access to resources- today we celebrate 12 years in Recovery from a Substance Use Disorder! Yeah it’s a we thing!”

"Don't let them fool you, because this is a rich country and everyone gets to go in their own hole in the ground ... THESE ARE MASS GRAVE NUMBERS!!!"
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